Privacy Policy

As a provider of central laboratory services, SCT understands the confidential and sensitive nature of your personal information, including your health information.

We are committed to protecting the privacy of your personal and health information in accordance with the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth). Information on how we collect and handle your personal information as a patient involved in clinical trials is set out in the SCT's Privacy Policy.

SCT also recognises the importance of protecting your privacy in your provision of personal information through our website. You may give SCT personal information through our website by, for example, submitting an application for potential employment, making an online or email query about our services, or by enquiring about doing business with SCT. In accordance with our obligations under the Privacy Act 1988 (Cth), we will take all reasonable steps to protect your personal information collected, and only use and disclose this information for the primary purpose (or any related purpose) for which it was obtained from you.

Whilst we will take all precautions to ensure the privacy of your personal information, you acknowledge that the Internet is not a secure environment and that any information provided to SCT through our website is provided at your own risk.

Currency of Information

Whilst SCT takes all reasonable precautions to ensure that the information about our laboratory operations contained on our website is correct and up-to-date, SCT makes no warranty as to the accuracy of this information. If you have any queries about our laboratory and services, please contact the General Manager at:

Sonic Clinical Trials

14 Giffnock Ave

Macquarie Park


Ph: +61 2 9855 6000

Fax: +61 2 9855 6001

E-mail: Paullette Azar-Tannous (